Launched an employee reward and recognition portal for a client


World’s largest cruise line company operating many of the world’s largest ships.

Challenges & Goals

  • With the goal to eliminate hassles and simplify management of its employee reward and recognition program, the client was looking for an e-portal where employees can easily order merchandise.

Our Solution

  • The entire process of ordering and fulfillment of merchandise required collaboration of multiple systems resulting in error-prone & repeatable manual processes.
  • Valethi team created an e-commerce platform which eliminated error-prone human touchpoints & eliminated time-consuming manual processes through seamless automation.
  • The manual & repeatable process of posting order information in the ERP system was smoothly automated.
  • The disconnected data points related to the merchandise were imported & unified through seamless automation.
  • Real-time dashboards were created to give the client profound insights into various processes involved in the ordering and delivery of branded merchandise.


The new e-portal delivers a smooth ordering experience to the employees and has eased the management of employee reward and recognition program for the client.